Prime Grade Silicone Release Films and Papers


Techlan can also supply prime grade silicone release films and papers from stock, at significantly reduced prices.

If you have a requirement for small amounts of product or you are running small trials and can be flexilbe on supply, then this is perfect feedstock.

These items are in stock, so there is no need to wait months for your order.

They can be purchased in small quantities, so you do not need to overspend on your stock and tie up valueable cash and space.

Contact us now for an up to date stock list of our prime grade materials, or if you have papers or films you wish to sell.

Blue Film roll.jpg

Significant cost savings

Stock is available for immediate dispatch

Available in small quantities

Reels can be slit or converted to sheets

Metalic Film Roll.jpg

Metallized films

Single sided Films

Double sided Films

White Film roll.jpg

Single sided papers

Double sided Papers

Techlan prime grade release papers and films offer you significant cost savings and reduced lead times.

Contact Techlan now for an up to date stock list or if you have products you wish to sell.