100% Recycled Silicone Release Paper

Techlan can supply a silicone release paper to suit your requirements.

All of our papers are of very high quality and exhibit excellent release properties combined with good base paper strength. 

Laminating and Coating.jpg
  • Single & Double sided Release Papers
  • Consistent differential release
  • Excellent release characteristics
  • Good robust stability
  • Resistance to extreme temperature variations.
  • Release values from very easy to extremely tight

Rolls are available in widths ranging from 30mm - 1,420mm.

Sheets can be cut to request and packed in reams of any size or in full pallet loads.

We are flexible on quantities and understand that you may not want to purchase 1,000's of square metres of release paper and hold it in stock for months on end.

You can order 250 square metres or 10,000's+ square metres, the choice is yours.

The Techlan release papers offer you significant cost savings, reduced lead times and impoved environmental benefits over virgin papers.

Contact Techlan now to take advantage of our cost savings.