18 Jan 2018 Techlan chosen as a case study for WRAP Cymru

Techlan is delighted to announce that WRAP Cymru has chosen Techlan to be a case study for its highly innovative recycling of silicone release liners.

WRAP Cymru is part of WRAP, the circular economy experts. WRAP works with UK governments, the EU and other funders to help deliver their policies on waste prevention and resource efficiency.

WRAP Cymru recognised Techlans innovative recycling process, combined with the benefits that its recycled silicone release liner can have for companies moving towards a circular economy.

Techlan is a perfect circular economy business model and its recycled silicone released liner provides significant cost and environmental benefits to its customers.

It has received a significant level of support from WRAP Cymru throughout it’s history. This assistance dates back to 2013 with an initial assessment for the potential demand and appropriate pricing structure for its recycled silicone release liners. Further assistance was then provided in supporting the purchase of its bespoke manufacturing line and the integration of its vision system for quality assurance.

Most recently WRAP Cymru has supported a 5 year strategic plan which will allow Techlan to exploit the innovative technology it has developed to its full potential.

Mark Thompson, Managing Director says: “The fantastic level of support we have received from WRAP CYMRU has been instrumental in Techlan’s success to date. The ongoing and variety of assistance that we have received had has been invaluable and without it Techlan would not be at the exciting stage of growth that it is at now.”

Techlan first featured as a case for WRAP in 2014 and is delighted to have achieved significant success during the past 4 years and to be the focus once again of a case study.

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