15 Feb 2021 Re-Liner : A Brand New Trademark for Circular Economy Specialist Techlan



Techlan has trademarked its brand of recycled silicone release liner. This has been created to give product identity to the numerous recycled grades that are now being manufactured at its site in Swansea.

Techlan was looking to secure a brand name that encompassed the ethos of Circular Economy and its relationship with the waste release liner that it recycles, repairs, re-manufactures and enables to be re-used multiple times.

Re-Liner meets these criteria perfectly.

Techlan & the Circular Economy

Techlan is an innovative company that recycles waste silicone release liners that have been used once and were previously disposed of to landfill. This is very costly for the manufacturer and has a significant environmental impact.

Techlan works with companies to establish a recycling system to divert the waste release liners away from landfill and to its recycling centre. Specific focus is aimed at producing an efficient system that does not require the waste producer to store large quantities of waste. A single pallet can be collected anywhere nationwide within 48hours of notification.

The rolls are transported to Swansea where the waste liner is cleaned using Techlan’s patented technology. The base paper and release coating are not destroyed or damaged during this process, it is simply cleaned by removing any surface contamination allowing the liner to be re-used once again into either the same or another product.

Working with Techlan in this way results in significant economies for the waste producer as it avoids the cost of waste removal and disposal to landfill.


Re-Liner achieves both Financial and Environmental Benefits 

Reduced Environmental Impact:  Re–Liner is a Circular Economy product that can be re-used multiple times and reduces consumption of natural resources.

Significant cost savings – Save up to 50% when purchasing Re-Liners compared to using prime grade release liners.

Short lead times – Lead-times of only 4 weeks for many grades with some held in stock for immediate dispatch.

Small order quantities. – A minimum order of only 250sqm on many Re-Liners.

High Quality - Re-Liner is a very high quality material that is already supplied to numerous Blue Chip organizations in the UK, EU and as far afield as Australia. 

Certification - Companies purchasing the existing grades of release liner will be sent the new grading reference for each product that it purchases.

Samples are available to all new enquiries to verify quality and suitability.

To order Re-Liner or to receive introductory samples, please call 01792 366999 or contact info@techlanltd.co.uk