How We Work

Techlan manufactures a a 100% recycled silicone release paper.

Save up to 50% on your purchasing costs.


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Stage 1) Release Papers are used once

Silicone release papers are used in manufacturing processes. The paper is used once and then the rolls of paper are discarded as a by product.

Silicone release papers and films are used as backing liners for adhesive products.

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The paper is peeled away to expose the adhesive and then discarded as a waste product.

Techlan requires feedstock of waste silicone release paper in rolls.

If you produce waste of this nature we can implement a cost effective recycling system for you.

Please contact us to arrange a site visit.


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Stage 2) Rolls are dispatched for reprocessing

The paper in roll format is transported to Techlans cleaning facility in Swansea for recycling.

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Stage 3) The release paper is cleaned

Rolls are processed through Techlan's innovative cleaning process to remove any contamination. Release characteristics and paper structure remain unchanged.


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 Stage 4) Quality and Inspection

A highly sophisticated web inspection system certifies the cleanliness and quality checks the paper.


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Stage 5) 100% Recycled Silicone Release Paper

End product is a very high specification, 100% recycled release paper which exhibits virgin characteristics. Paper is converted into rolls or sheets.


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Stage 6) Customer Benefits

Customers benefit from using the Techlan release paper by reducing their costs by up to 50%, has lower order quantities, shorter lead times and positive environmental impact.



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Stage 7) Second Use & Circular Economy

Release paper is supplied for second use on an open loop basis to new customers, or on a closed loop back to the original user. 



The Techlan release papers offer you significant cost savings, reduced lead times and impoved environmental benefits over virgin papers.

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