27 Sep 2019 Recycling of Waste Release Liner from Prepreg Manufacturing Receives Funding From £6.5 Million Circular Economy Fund

 In April 2019 Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government Hannah Bleddyn launched a new £6.5million Welsh Government Circular Economy fund.

The fund is aimed to accelerate Wales’ shift towards a circular economy by increasing demand for recycled materials, keeping resources in circulation instead of being incinerated or ending their life in landfill.

It offers grants to businesses seeking capital investment to increase their use of recycled materials in manufactured products, components or packaging. WRAP Cymru is administering the fund on behalf of the Welsh Government

Techlan is delighted to announce that it is one of the first businesses to secure funding from this scheme.

The award will enable Techlan to further expand its successful facility in Swansea where it recycles waste release liner generated as a by product from composite prepreg manufacturing.

The grant will allow Techlan to purchase additional conversion equipment and double its capacity. The new equipment will enable Techlan to produce narrow width coils of its recycled release liner down to 20mm, and to meet a large market it has already established for supply in to the E commerce packaging sector.

The Techlan business model is a perfect example the circular economy.

Using its patented technology it converts waste silicone release liner that is generated as a waste by product from composite prepreg manufacturing, in to a high value raw material for use in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

The process simply cleans any residual prepreg contaminant off the release liner surface in an environmentally friendly way. It does not degrade the surface characteristics of the liner, so Techlan is able to produce an extremely high quality recycled liner.

 Release Paper Cleaning Process.jpg

A perfect example of the circular economy with diversion of large quantities of waste release liner diverted away from prepreg manufacturers that experience significant costs savings and improved environmental benefits. Its customers improve their sustainability by reducing their usage of virgin release liner.

Techlan customers typically find that its paper is superior to the virgin liner it replaces and it has already supplied paper to customers as far afield as the USA and Australia

Techlan is good for the environment and makes good business sense.

It's customers replace virgin release liner with a highly sustainable recycled product so improving their green credentials. Furthermore, the liner is typically of a higher quality than the virgin release liner it replaces and is also far cheaper.

 25mm rolls edited 2.png

Techlan has been supported by WRAP Cymru (www.wrapcymru.org.uk/grants) and the Welsh Government since it was first started in 2009.

For further information please contact Mark Thompson on 01792 36699, email info@techlanltd.co.uk or visit www.techlanltd.co.uk