06 Nov 2015 Releasing the Potential of Recycled Paper

Recycling of waste silicone release paper has always been a major challenge. Welsh company, Techlan Ltd has not only solved this problem but it has now received a prestigious Environment and Sustainability award from the Composites UK Association.

 Company Director, Mark Thompson who was presented with the award on Wednesday evening says: ”It is a real privilege to be recognised by the Composites Association and to win this award. Our innovative recycling of waste silicone release paper has taken many years to develop, so to be presented with this award makes all of the hard work and effort by our team incredibly worthwhile.”

 The technology is making the UK composites industry more sustainable, but it also has many benefits for companies outside of that industry sector.

Mark Thompson explains,” Once it has been recycled and quality inspected the silicone release paper is converted into reels or sheets, and packaged. It can be supplied back to the original user for a second or third use depending on their production specification, or sold to new customers in different industry sectors. Release papers are used to make adhesives tapes, die cutting, graphics, laminating, composite manufacturing, process aids and many other applications”.

Techlans recycled silicone release paper is up to 50% of the cost of virgin paper, it can be supplied in small quantities of only 250sqm or larger quantities of many 1,000’s of sqms. Lead times are 4 weeks or less. These attributes are very attractive to many companies.

” There are many companies that use silicone release paper but in relatively small quantities. To purchase virgin silicone release paper from a manufacturer you may have to buy 10,000sqm+ and wait 8-12 weeks for your paper. This ties up valuable cash in stock over long periods of time for orders that may or may not even materialize.”

Techlan was established in 2009 by Mark Thompson, Director and Head of Innovation, and Roger Banks, Sales and Marketing Director, who both invested in the business start-up. Techlan has taken the Research & Development process through from initial concept to full-scale production. It has involved a £300,000 investment that has attracted financial backing from the Welsh Government and WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme).