22 Jul 2016 Recent post on LinkedIn

The picture above is of a mailshot that my 16 year old recently posted around our neighbourhood. Having finished school for the summer and finding it difficult to get work, 2 weeks ago he decided to go it alone. He printed off the leaflet and then hand delivered 50 with his younger brother and sister in tow.

During the leaflet drop he had a gentleman shout out to him, "Are you the person delivering this information...?!!!"

"Errmm...yes" replied my son.

The gentleman walked up to him and said, "I want to shake your hand..! What great initiative!".

The gentleman had gone out of his way to find my son and tell him what he thought of what he was doing.

Throughout the entire journey of wanting to work, using his initiative, pounding the streets, taking time out, working had all day and earning money, this response from a complete stranger is something I am most pleased at that my son has experienced.

Encouragement and praise always has a positive outcome.

Within an hour he had received his first call, followed by 2 later that day and a 4th the following day. This week he has completed 3 of the jobs. He spent 8 hours on the hottest day of the year weeding an entire driveway, pulled out shrubs, painted skirting boards, mowed a lawn and got a great tan. He's already acknowledged that he can build on this and have work lined up for next summer. One proud Dad.

There's work out there, you just got to put the effort and the hours in and you will be rewarded.

"Are you the person delivering this information..?!!!" https://lnkd.in/d5a8cuU by @TechlanLtd