Release Paper for Arts and Crafts

The Techlan silicone release papers are used in many areas of the artwork and sculpting industries.

The release papers exhibit very strong burst strengths, combined with excellent release properties to ensure release of paints and moulding agents.


  • Small roll lengths
  • Stock item for immediate dispatch.
  • Single and Double sided papers
  • Excellent release properties that slow re-use of the paper.
  • 100% recycled.

Jo McAllister demonstrating the many uses and benefits of the Techlan Recycled Release Paper

We are flexible on quantities and understand that you may not want to purchase 1,000's of square metres of release paper and hold it in stock for months on end.

Techlan holds small reel stocks specifically for the artwork industry.

The Techlan release papers offer you significant cost savings, reduced lead times and impoved environmental benefits over virgin papers.

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