Release films and papers for hot presses

Techlan has a range of silicone release papers and release films that can be used in hot presses.

High and low temperature applications.

Available in rolls and sheets.

Significant cost savings.

1040mm Numberplate Angle.jpg

Dry Mount Picture Framing (See video below)

Ideal for dry mounting of artwork in a hot press

Superior strength

Good lay flat properties under vacuum

Excellent release characteristics

Multiple uses.

Film roll 75micron Clear.jpg


Temperature resistant up tp 190 degrees

Excellent lay flat properties.

Superior release.

Stock item.

Sheets 100gsm paper I.jpg


Silicone release films with high temperature resistance.

Superb lay flat properties

Excellent release.

Rolls or sheets available. 

 Art and Frame, Ireland using Techlan's release paper in their heated press.